Why Confluence In 2017 ?

The unveiling of Mulembe Mutinzi-Cuusansi to a corum of specially-favoured priests of Afrikan spirituality in 1966 occasioned jubilation and celebration among the fraternity of priests. Immediately, the priests started the Great Work, of building Mulembe Mutinzi-Cuusansi. Since 1966 hundreds of thousands of Afrikan children once lost to expired foreign imperial ways have returned to their roots, at the Source, continent-wide and worldwide. Since 1972 thousands of the children of the Nile, from the different lands of planet earth, in their different colours, red, yellow and white, have returned to the Source, as well as to Mother Continent Afrika, in search of their primary roots. Moreover, Mulembe Mutinzi has been a global phenomenon; with millions of paradigm shifters around the world building the new epoch, in their own ways, and in alignment with the respective prophesies and traditions of their respective lands, nations and peoples.

It is against this background and context that on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Mulembe Mutinzi (M.M) the Spirit of the Source of the Nile, Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity and the elders of Spirit, Community and Land at the Source are calling and recalling the Nations of the world and the global community of paradigm shifters to share, compare notes, celebrate severally and mutually, mutually charge our spiritual batteries, build new energies and networks – and strategize the way forward.