Do I need a Visa to enter Uganda?
You are required to purchase a tourist visa before you enter Uganda. Tourist visas can be bought in advance via the embassy or consulate in your country or simply purchased upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport or at any overland border.
Photos are not required and a single entry tourist visa costs US$ 100 per person for up to 90 days stay in Uganda. Health Information:

Will I get sick when I'm in uganda?
You are unlikely to fall sick while you are in Uganda but do take all recommended preventive measures.
If you take any regular medication, please bring it with you. Take your Malaria medication as directed – before, during and possibly after – your visit to Uganda (depending on the Malaria prophylactic you take).

Although HIV/AIDS infection rates are lower than many countries in Africa, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS infection is certainly higher than in most Western countries. Tourists and visitors to Uganda sometimes engage in risky behaviour that they wouldn’t engage in back home. Play safe. Please take your sexual health seriously.

Are vaccinations required for my Uganda visit?
A number of different vaccinations are recommended and/or required before entering Uganda. A certificate proving you have had the Yellow Fever vaccination is mandatory for entry into Uganda. Immunizations against DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio) and Hepatitis A are recommended as well.
Besides bringing mosquito repellent, we also advise you to take malaria ‘prophylactics’ (prevention medication).

Is Uganda a safe country for visitors
Uganda is a very safe country to visit. Although Uganda has lived through a turbulent history, the country is safe, stable and welcoming. Ugandans’ hospitable nature is legendary! You will be warmly welcomed wherever you go by the country’s friendly residents.

Your travel insurance company or foreign office may offer information about travel to Uganda. However, in our experience, these bodies all err on the side of caution and do not necessarily know what is happening on the ground in Uganda at the time.

Your safety is our absolute priority and you can rest assured that we will always give you the best Uganda travel advice.

We have negotiated special room rates for delegates and exhibitors at the confluence. The Main Confluence Hotel and venue is Source of the Nile Hotel, Website: Source of the Nile Hotel. Those of you who wish to stay at this hotel are advised to book early. Arrangements have been made with the hotel for direct bookings and settlement of bills.