The 2017 Confluence has been deliberately convened at the Source of the Nile, the Cradle of Humanity.

The headwaters of the Nile is an expansive area of the Central Afrikan Great Lakes Region which constitutes the river’s catchment area that feeds into Afrika’s largest natural water reserviour, Nalubaale, which means Lake of Goddesses. In typical colonial desecrative mind-set, the British nicknamed the lake “Victoria”. Nalubaale is spiritually Afrika’s senior lake, out of which the mighty Nile, Afrika’s spiritually senior river, starts its long journey through the Sudan and Egypt, to Alexandria, on the Mediterranean Sea; which makes it Afrika’s longest river at 6400km.

In the Cradle of Humanity at The Source of The Nile, men and women, together with their children, undertook the foundational and founding endeavours which defined them as a successful species; in the commanding realms of human endeavour: language, culture and communication; organized labour; social organization and governance; spirituality and philosophy; science and technology; etc. Subsequently, the life-giving Nile triggered and watered Afrika’s first high technical civilization in Kemet, Ancient Egypt. The emergence of Egyptian civilization was spiritually, philosophically and technically inspired, and, throughout its existence, continued to be actively nourished, by the headwaters of the Nile. Egyptian civilization is humanity’s primer and premier civilization upon which subsequent civilizations have been founded.

In that sense then, the Source of the Nile is about much more than water. It is the source of knowledge and understanding, language and culture, spirituality and philosophy, science and technology, civility and civilization. Indeed, the fall of the Ameripean empire must be traced to this empire cutting itself from, denial of, and hostility to the Negroid Source of Civilization; coupled with the prosecution of incessant unjust wars of aggression, provocation, terror, genocide and occupation against innocent and peaceful peoples of the world and their lands: even in Europe, as well as in North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East and Afrika.

Indeed, Mother Afrika being the oldest continent and society, she has the longest and most complete memory of human habitation on earth; and probably within her is locked the secret to survive the current crisis, of the chaotic end of the empire.