The International Transformative Confluence 2017 will be hosted at Source of the Nile Hotel ( which literally overlooks the Source of the Nile.

It will be set in a celebratory and festive ambiance; with plenty of tropical food and fruits, colour, sun, music, dance and drama, ceremony and rituals, energy and synergy.

The dress code is national, traditional, casual, spiritual, festive and creative. Participants may choose to be moving exhibits of art.

In this general setting, the Confluence will consist of plenary presentations; concurrent presentations; workshops; spiritual journeys; and field schools.


The Confluence has been conceptualized as a place and space [in] to which participants come and flow as distinct energies, individually and in community, in groups, or institutions. They may come as parallel rivers which may touch or merge along some of the way.

They all eventually converge at the Source of the Nile – where all began. According to energies and levels of compatibility and complementality, the rivers may merge into one whole lake; although even then, the rivers may choose to maintain therein their individual distinctiveness and energy.

The Transformative Confluence therefore has been designed to provide the opportunity for those who have known one another before, the ones who have not met before, as well as the ones who will have never heard of one another, to share and to learn from and with one another.

The challenge and opportunity will be to lay and/or to deepen foundations for future one-on-one or institutional bi-lateral and multi-lateral collaborative partnerships, for purposes of extending the frontiers and foundations of their common endeavours.