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The Transformative Confluence has been convened to bring together transformative praxists around the world, following the ever gathering worldwide awareness, knowledge and belief that decades ago, the Ameripean empire came to an end, having fully accomplished its material and historical role, namely: the depletion of the material basis for its continued existence, that is, the natural resource base; as well as successfully setting up and presiding over the first global system of mass oppression, the oppression of peoples, flora and fauna. The Confluence has been deliberately and strategically located in the Central Afrikan Great Lakes Region, the Cradle of Humankind, where we all started; fully convinced that Mother Afrika being the oldest continent and society, she has the longest and most complete memory of human habitation on earth, and, probably within her, is locked the secret to survive the chaotic end of the empire, while we build a new epoch. The Transformative Confluence has been conceived and designed with two categories of scholars, activists, social leaders … movers and shakers in mind: the first category is that of transformative praxists of the Spiritual Nations, who have emerged during the course of the struggles of their nations for self-determination and peaceful co-existence. The second category is of transformative praxists who, against all manner of odds, have emerged in the womb of the withering away establishment capitalist beast, in academia, civil society, the state and private sectors. These two categories are invited to the Confluence to commune, to share, and to learn from and with one another, on the basis of the opportunities and challenges they have experienced in the course of aligning themselves with and building the Epoch-in-Birthing. The Confluence has been designed to provide opportunities for the two categories of scholars and activists to strengthen one another, as well as explore possibilities of collaborative partnership for which they are ready. The Confluence has been planned to have plenary panel presentations; concurrent panel presentations; and concurrent workshops. There will be as well space for the display of posters, brochures and flyers; books and other print-material; as well as other products. Participants who wish to make contributions in the form of a workshop, singly or in collaboration with another or others are welcome to present an abstract of 250 words of what they propose to present, so as to reach the Confluence Secretary no later than 27th January 2017. For displays please let us know how much space you will need. Contributions are invited around the following thematic areas:

Please note that the Confluence organizers want to capture a broad spectrum of The Great Turning transformative praxis experience of the world’s spiritual lands, nations, peoples and networks. We are therefore open to proposals for contributions which may not be included in the above list of thematic areas.

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