On account of the spiritual necessity occasioned by the Global Great Turning and the onset of Genesis II, Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity, the priests of Afrikan spirituality and keepers of Afrikan deep knowledge, together with elders at the Source of the Nile, have teamed up to call and recall to the Source of the Nile all nations and peoples of the world, each in their language and culture, each with their God and the spirit of their land, for substantive consultations. Consequent upon the onset of Genesis II it is as well the time for a set of soft power Originals of Primer and Primary Awareness, Laws and Instructions, with built-in strategies (Enkola) which, in nuanced ways, will guide and steer all peoples and Nations of the world, as they align themselves with, and build Mulembe Mutinzi; defined by spirituality-driven awareness, epistemology and worldview, love, peace, a return to roots, solidarity, synergy and collaborative partnerships.

Confluence 2017 has been convened under two prophesies at the Source of the Nile; one of the early 1960s and the other of 1972. The message of the first prophesy was that on 24 May 1966, the Great Turning took effect. On that day, the Ameripean empire, together with its hallmark, particularly of hegemonism and homogenizing knowledge, worldview and epistemology, values, militarism and diktat, objectively came to an end. The empire had run its full material and historical course.

The prophesy of 1972 supplemented the earlier one, with the message that; “the time when a critical mass of Afrikan children lost to the white man’s and the Arab’s ways abandon the foreign imperial ways and come back to the community in search of their roots, know ye that the struggle for the self-determined Afrikan Black Nation will have reached the point of no return”. The same prophesy had a sub message; that many other nations and peoples of different colours, from different lands, will come to the Source of the Nile in search of solutions and solidarity to resolve intractable problems of building the world anew. The priests of Afrikan spirituality were told that when this occurred it was to be taken as the indicator that Mulembe Mutinzi-Cuusansi had become a global phenomenon.