About Confluence

About Confluence


  • To put in full focus the awareness that for many transformative praxists around the world, the old imperial parasitic and predatory world order long ago started its irreversible decline and assured end; and that what still keeps the shadow of its former self around is not its internal strength or inherent viability, but the irreversibly gathering transformative energies and praxis which are yet to substantively coalesce and mature.

  • To collectively create some Meta-Vision and Mega-Strategy to be drawn on as needed by the transformative praxists around the world, in the course of building the new epoch in the coming decades; a world of self-determined countries, nations, peoples and neigbbourhoods, all in peaceful co-existence and solidarity.

Symbolism of the Nile

The 2017 Confluence has been deliberately convened at the Source of the Nile, the Cradle of Humanity.

The headwaters of the Nile is an expansive area of the Central Afrikan Great Lakes Region which constitutes the river’s catchment area that feeds into Afrika’s largest natural water reserviour, Nalubaale, which means Lake of Goddesses. In typical colonial desecrative mind-set, the British nicknamed the lake “Victoria”. Nalubaale is spiritually Afrika’s senior lake, out of which the mighty Nile, Afrika’s spiritually senior river, starts its long journey through the Sudan and Egypt, to Alexandria, on the Mediterranean Sea; which makes it Afrika’s longest river at 6400km.

In the Cradle of Humanity at The Source of The Nile, men and women, together with their children, undertook the foundational and founding endeavours which defined them as a successful species; in the commanding realms of human endeavour: language, culture and communication; organized labour; social organization and governance; spirituality and philosophy; science and technology; etc. Subsequently, the life-giving Nile triggered and watered Afrika’s first high technical civilization in Kemet, Ancient Egypt. The emergence of Egyptian civilization was spiritually, philosophically and technically inspired, and, throughout its existence, continued to be actively nourished, by the headwaters of the Nile. Egyptian civilization is humanity’s primer and premier civilization upon which subsequent civilizations have been founded.

In that sense then, the Source of the Nile is about much more than water. It is the source of knowledge and understanding, language and culture, spirituality and philosophy, science and technology, civility and civilization. Indeed, the fall of the Ameripean empire must be traced to this empire cutting itself from, denial of, and hostility to the Negroid Source of Civilization; coupled with the prosecution of incessant unjust wars of aggression, provocation, terror, genocide and occupation against innocent and peaceful peoples of the world and their lands: even in Europe, as well as in North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East and Afrika.

Indeed, Mother Afrika being the oldest continent and society, she has the longest and most complete memory of human habitation on earth; and probably within her is locked the secret to survive the current crisis, of the chaotic end of the empire.

Afrika Calling

On account of the spiritual necessity occasioned by the Global Great Turning and the onset of Genesis II, Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity, the priests of Afrikan spirituality and keepers of Afrikan deep knowledge, together with elders at the Source of the Nile, have teamed up to call and recall to the Source of the Nile all nations and peoples of the world, each in their language and culture, each with their God and the spirit of their land, for substantive consultations. Consequent upon the onset of Genesis II it is as well the time for a set of soft power Originals of Primer and Primary Awareness, Laws and Instructions, with built-in strategies (Enkola) which, in nuanced ways, will guide and steer all peoples and Nations of the world, as they align themselves with, and build Mulembe Mutinzi; defined by spirituality-driven awareness, epistemology and worldview, love, peace, a return to roots, solidarity, synergy and collaborative partnerships.

Confluence 2017 has been convened under two prophesies at the Source of the Nile; one of the early 1960s and the other of 1972. The message of the first prophesy was that on 24 May 1966, the Great Turning took effect. On that day, the Ameripean empire, together with its hallmark, particularly of hegemonism and homogenizing knowledge, worldview and epistemology, values, militarism and diktat, objectively came to an end. The empire had run its full material and historical course.

The prophesy of 1972 supplemented the earlier one, with the message that; “the time when a critical mass of Afrikan children lost to the white man’s and the Arab’s ways abandon the foreign imperial ways and come back to the community in search of their roots, know ye that the struggle for the self-determined Afrikan Black Nation will have reached the point of no return”. The same prophesy had a sub message; that many other nations and peoples of different colours, from different lands, will come to the Source of the Nile in search of solutions and solidarity to resolve intractable problems of building the world anew. The priests of Afrikan spirituality were told that when this occurred it was to be taken as the indicator that Mulembe Mutinzi-Cuusansi had become a global phenomenon.


The International Transformative Confluence 2017 will be hosted at Source of the Nile Hotel (www.sourceofthenilehotel.ug) which literally overlooks the Source of the Nile. It will be set in a celebratory and festive ambiance; with plenty of tropical food and fruits, colour, sun, music, dance and drama, ceremony and rituals, energy and synergy. The dress code is national, traditional, casual, spiritual, festive and creative. Participants may choose to be moving exhibits of art. In this general setting, the Confluence will consist of plenary presentations; concurrent presentations; workshops; spiritual journeys; and field schools.


The Confluence has been conceptualized as a place and space [in] to which participants come and flow as distinct energies, individually and in community, in groups, or institutions. They may come as parallel rivers which may touch or merge along some of the way. They all eventually converge at the Source of the Nile – where all began. According to energies and levels of compatibility and complementality, the rivers may merge into one whole lake; although even then, the rivers may choose to maintain therein their individual distinctiveness and energy. The Transformative Confluence therefore has been designed to provide the opportunity for those who have known one another before, the ones who have not met before, as well as the ones who will have never heard of one another, to share and to learn from and with one another. The challenge and opportunity will be to lay and/or to deepen foundations for future one-on-one or institutional bi-lateral and multi-lateral collaborative partnerships, for purposes of extending the frontiers and foundations of their common endeavours.

Thematic Areas
The Confluence has been planned to facilitate exposé, sharing and networking around the following thematic areas:
  • Women and Men Working Together.
  • Mulembe Mutinzi Young Pioneers.
  • Spirituality and Philosophy.
  • Making, Language, Literacy, Literature and Numeracy.
  • Ecology and Culture.
  • Science and Technology.
  • Governance: family; neighbourhood; local; regional; global.
  • Knowledge, Learning and Education.
  • Prophecy, Creation Stories and Myths as Sources of Deep Knowledge and Truths with Practical Application.
  • Music, Dance and Drama; Poetry; Ceremony and Rituals.
  • Videography and Photography.
  • Social Entrepreneurship; People’s Economy and Currency.
  • To take the auspicious occasion of the 50th anniversary of the praxis of Mulembe Mutinzi to invite to the Source of the Nile the global community of masters and mastresses of transformative praxis, together with their students and mentees, to commune and celebrate their work.
  • To provide the opportunity for the Spirit of the Source, Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity, the keepers of deep knowledge, and community elders at the Source to unveil and share with the world the products of their spiritual and intellectual labours and engagement, rooted in prophesy and elsewhere, in the course of building Mulembe Mutinzi in the last fifty years.
  • To provide the opportunity for transformative praxists from other lands to share their work and works, rooted in a variety of traditions, prophesy, revelations and other sources.
  • To provide the opportunity for Confluence participants, on a one-on-one or more basis, as individuals, or as groups or as institutions, to share and engage on the basis of the needs and demands of their respective praxis.
  • To provide the opportunity for some participants for first-hand interaction and experience with people in their communities and villages at the Source of the Nile who already live in Mulembe Mutinzi.
Prime Targets

Some ten years ago in 2004 we convened an international conference, at the Source of the Nile, under the theme We Are One People: Multiple Dreams of “Another World”. The prime target for the 2004 conference was people engaged in the search for and dreams of “Another World”; each “their world”, convinced that Another World is possible. A decade later we are convening the International Transformative Confluence at the Source of the Nile at a time when millions upon millions of transformative praxists around the world are no longer in search of “Another World”. “Another World” is not a mere possibility, any more! Objectively and subjectively, a new world unveiled itself to them, a world in which they already live and work.

Against that background and context the prime target for the International Transformative Confluence 2017 are people, their organizations and community who are actively engaged in the building of the New Epoch, consistent with their place, space and base; people, history and aspirations. It is particularly auspicious for an adequately diverse critical mass of masters and mastresses of transformative praxis and exemplary practitioners, to Gather-in-Confluence at the Source, such that in concert they may achieve strategic goals which add value to their work, severally and together. Masters and mastresses of social transformation praxis are encouraged to come along with their students and mentees, in the general framework of embedded inter-generation engagement and succession.

The Confluence prime target of participants, in the sense of persons, organizations and institutions most likely to maximumly benefit from, as well as add value to, the gathering at the Source of the Nile, are persons who, with reason and passion, believe, or, in the alternative know, that “Another World” is not only possible, but long over-due. Secondly, they are as well people who believe or know that “Another World” does not happen as an event, but unfolds as a process which calls for multitudes and multitudes of midwives across the world (of which they are part) to assist with the birthing of the New Epoch.

More particularly, Confluence 2017 at the Source of the Nile is recommended to the following categories of people:

  • Transformational praxists who are the conscious members of countries, nations, nationalities and peoples who maintain and espouse a spiritual relationship with the land; for example, the First Nations of North America, the indigenous people of South America, the Maori and the Aboriginals of Australia and New Zealand, the Afrikans.
  • Persons who are the conscious and active members of nations, nationalities and peoples who are the survivors of the holocaust of the Ameripean empire, in its rise, cruise, decline and fall; as well as survivors of empires which pre-date the Ameripean one; for example, the Afrikans who, in a massive brutal operation involving dozens of millions, were kidnapped and driven into slavery in the Arab world and the so-called New World; the First Nations of the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, the Banyoro of Uganda, the Herero of Namibia, the communities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Viet Nam, Grenada, Panama, Suez, etc.
  • The category of nations and peoples in the belly of the beast, who have been digested hard, but to no avail; for example: the Scots, the Irish, the Welsh, Catalonia, the Aino of Japan, the Batwa and Bairu of the Great Lakes Region; etc.
  • Members of academia; particularly the ones whose areas of specialization and interest include colonialism, imperialism, revolution and de-colonization, language and culture.
  • Persons active in NGOs, CSOs, philanthropy, the private sector; with a transformation bend of mind.
  • Persons who are members of social movements, and movements of the oppressed; workers, peasants, women, immigrants, etc.
  • Persons who are dissatisfied with status quo, but are not clear on the nature of the problem, and what is to be done – and possibly stand on the brink of having their inner and outer eyes opened.


Participants with children who they want to have some lifetime experience of Afrika need not worry. Arrangements are in place for a special programme for the youngsters under 16. If you intend to come along with a youngster, please get in touch for more information.

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