The Great Turning At The Source, Genesis II


Globally it is a well-known contemporary scientific fact that the Central Afrikan Great Lakes Region is the Cradle of Humanity. This knowledge echoes some earlier ancient scientific fact, which is common knowledge among the circles of priests of Afrikan Spirituality and keepers of community deep knowledge and the secret of life in the land which today goes by the name “Uganda”. The keepers of community deep knowledge is a conscious class of people who have continuously existed in this area since the beginning of history. The direct heirs to the ancient keepers of Afrikan deep knowledge, philosophy and spirituality today, teach that the City of Jinja is within the inner epicenter of the Cradle of Humanity. Jinja city is at the point at which Kiyira (the Nile) springs out of Lake Victoria (Nalubaale), to start her long journey of some more than 6400 km to the Mediterranean Sea, at Alexandria, Egypt.

They teach further that on leaving the Source of the Nile, the earliest humans left with God, Original Laws and Instructions, together with a set of foundation awareness, knowledge and skills, worldview and epistemology; which enabled them to be successful as they moved on, to eventually fill the earth. The crisis the world faces today has been the result of disalignment with God, and deviation from the letter and spirit of the Original Laws and Instructions; as well as deviation from the letter and spirit of the set of foundation awareness, knowledge and skills, worldview and epistemology; which earlier enabled them to be successful.

Over time, localized deviations and revisionism were collapsed, concentrated and centralized into the US-led Ameripean Empire, founded on and managed as a global system of mass oppression and mass misery; which necessitated the collapse of this empire in 1966. According to prophesy at the Source, it was a fall qualitatively different from the earlier empire falls. In fact, the fall of the Ameripean empire occurred at a time all countries, nations and peoples of the world had ran so low on the Original Laws and Instructions, that the phenomenon of its fall also kicked in the spiritual necessity of a Global New Beginning; that is Genesis II.

At the Source of Kiyira (the Nile) Genesis II kicked in Mulembe Mutinzi; being the epoch of building bridges across barriers to open our inner and outer eyes to holistic knowledge, understanding and awareness. The bottom line of the new frontiers knowledge is the inherent unity-of-complementality of all countries, nations, peoples and lands; together with all forms of nature and being. The global crisis of the awareness, governance, access to, ownership and control of the world’s wealth and assets, peace and war, the environment, quality of life, etc.; is the consequence of the substantive fall of the empire, without, as yet, its substantive replacement with Mulembe Mutinzi, as the substantive world order.

The strategic challenge of Mulembe Mutinzi therefore, is the building of the world as the commonwealth of self-determined countries, nations, peoples and neighbourhoods, in peaceful co-existence, as well as in solidarity among themselves, and with one another.


The Great Turning, Multiple Ways Of Knowing


The Great Turning is a global phenomenon which reveals itself to the different peoples and lands of the world at slightly different times. At the Source of the Nile the Great Turning is known as Mulembe Mutinzi-Cuusansi; it broke out in 1966.

We are aware that across the world, in the different communities, nations and lands during the era of imperial hegemonic capitalism (including the times of its emergence and rise), just as in Afrika, there existed self-conscious fraternities of specialized communities of compelling experts, and keepers of community knowledge, wisdom and conscience; in Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Australia-New Zealand, Europe, South and North America, etc. Guided by the God of their respective lands and nations, they all walked in the footsteps, and stood on the shoulders, of the unbroken series of their ancestors, up to today. Together, they are the reason why the oppressed have spiritually survived the holocaust of capitalism. Furthermore, we are alive to the fact that in all the lands of the world, there are millions of scholars and their students, experts and intelligentsia, who have been trained, raised and nurtured under the imperial hegemonic capitalist education system and propaganda who, nonetheless, know and believe that the Ameripean imperial project no longer has within itself any mileage for the highest common social good for all. Many of them believe that the way forward lies in a massive global movement of the world retracting and aligning itself with its roots. Indeed, in the pursuit of this goal, indigenously-trained scholars and born-again (so to speak) Ameripean system educated scholars have struck a collaborative partnership in the pursuit of re-alignment with the Great Turning.

The Confluence has been designed for the two broad categories of transformative praxists, scholars, intelligentsia, philosophers and the talented, namely: the indigenously-trained on the one hand, and on the other, the Ameripean capitalist education system trained; to share their work and works, which they will have produced severally and in collaboration with one another.


Why Confluence In 2017 ?

The unveiling of Mulembe Mutinzi-Cuusansi to a corum of specially-favoured priests of Afrikan spirituality in 1966 occasioned jubilation and celebration among the fraternity of priests. Immediately, the priests started the Great Work, of building Mulembe Mutinzi-Cuusansi. Since 1966 hundreds of thousands of Afrikan children once lost to expired foreign imperial ways have returned to their roots, at the Source, continent-wide and worldwide. Since 1972 thousands of the children of the Nile, from the different lands of planet earth, in their different colours, red, yellow and white, have returned to the Source, as well as to Mother Continent Afrika, in search of their primary roots. Moreover, Mulembe Mutinzi has been a global phenomenon; with millions of paradigm shifters around the world building the new epoch, in their own ways, and in alignment with the respective prophesies and traditions of their respective lands, nations and peoples.

It is against this background and context that on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Mulembe Mutinzi (M.M) the Spirit of the Source of the Nile, Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity and the elders of Spirit, Community and Land at the Source are calling and recalling the Nations of the world and the global community of paradigm shifters to share, compare notes, celebrate severally and mutually, mutually charge our spiritual batteries, build new energies and networks – and strategize the way forward.


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